Presentation Tips

Know When To Show 'Em

The art of communication is just that; it is an art. That means that there is no magic formula to guarantee your audience will be glued to every word or idea that you present; However, there are a few techniques that will always increase information retention.

Since your audience is filled with auditory and visual learners, be careful not to overuse Powerpoint presentations. Remember, Powerpoint slides are visual aids and not the presentation. Your job, as the presenter, is to add the human element. There is a reason that your audience has attended your meeting. Go beyond presenting just the facts and figures, invite them to join your on a journey.

By showing short video clips inside your presentation, known as video modules, you can combine the audio and video to communicate emotion and the human experience. Video modules can be as simple as a customer testimonial shot on a Flip video camera, all the way to a professionally produced video.

Presentation Basics

1. Use backgrounds images that are interesting, but are not distracting.

2. Contrast the text color with the background color. If the background is dark blue, use white or another light text color.

3. Use only one detailed graph or chart per slide.                                                                         

4. Use no more than three photographs per slide.   

5. Avoid clip art. Especially animated clip art. It causes unnecessary visual distractions while you are presenting.                  

4. Use slide transitions very sparingly. The old adage "Less is More" applies here.

5. Use no smaller than 14 point font on a presentation that is going to be displayed on a projection screen.