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No More Lighting Gels

You probably remember the days when you had to make the decision on what color you wanted your stage lights to be before you arrived at the venue. And of course, you remember the Lighting Director's displeasure with you when you told him that you wanted the up lights to be more of a teal blue instead of navy.

Those days are all but a memory. The majority of the colored theatrical lighting these days are LED lights. LED's are great for many of reasons. First, their power consumption is much less than their incandescent counterparts. Secondly and more impressively, the lights can be programmed to be virtually any color imaginable. LED's can also be programmed to change to different colors at the touch of a button. What that means to you is that if you want six different "color looks," you don't need six times the lighting instruments to make it happen.


Color Blasts fixtures manufactured by Color Kinetics provide rich, saturated color with all of the flexibility that a producer could imagine.